Nha Trang, and Vietnam in general, has a tradition of street food. You will find a great rang of street food available from Banh Mi "Sandwich", sold by local street cart vendors, to freshly cooked lobster and a range of other seafood.

It is ideally located on the main boulevard on the beach Opening time: 4pm-midnight every day Offering tasty seafood with affordable prices for tourists and local people
Location: in the local residential area along Cai river where lots of street food restaurants are located, about 3 minutes walking to the beach. Serving many different kinds of oysters with nice cuisines Affordable prices for tourists and local people
Location: in the central residential area in Nha Trang city. It has become very popular with local people and domestic tourists for several years. Nice cuisines with affordable prices. Typical for street food in Nha Trang
Situated in the city center, 500 meters from the beach Offering a nice and open place for tourists to enjoy fresh seafood at very reasonable price
Offering many kinds of Vietnamese sweet soup at reasonable prices Nice and cool place to enjoy local flavors with friends
Location at C4 Phan Chu Trinh st,Nha Trang city,turn left when you go from ' Dam ' market 50 meter.Famous place in Nha Trang about Beef.Just 4$/dish
With convenient location, only 1 kilometer from the central tourist, this is a good place for tourists to enjoy a glass of fresh fruit juice or a cup of ice cream with friends on a hot day at affordable prices
Located at a condo in a crowded shopping area of the city, the eating establishment has become popular with tourists for many years for its tasty noodle. Visiting the eating house, tourists will be offered Vietnamese noodle with boiled or fried fish and jelly fish. This is a must go eating place for tourists if they want to try local specialties of Nha Trang city.
Ideally situated in the largest market of the city, the eating house is very convenient for tourists to come and enjoy local food. With only 1 US dollars, tourists can have a big bowl of tasty noodle soup with beef, chicken or pork cooked with Chinese cuisines.
Situated on a quiet and small street about 2 kilometers West of the central tourist area, the street cafe offers Vietnamese coffee, sugarcane juice and soft drinks at really affordable prices
Located in the city center, the family run eating house offers customers rice and noodles cooked with tiny oysters with unique cuisine of Hue city, the ancient capital of Vietnam. With less than 1 US dollars, tourists can enjoy a very typical dish of a famous land in Vietnam. It is a must go place for backpackers who want to try local food at quite affordable prices.
Located in a crowded residential area about 3.5 kilometers North West of the central tourist area, the street cafe offers Vietnamese coffee with typical flavors at quite affordable prices. With only 50 cents (US currency) tourists can enjoy a glass of coffee with local flavor. Customers are also offered many kinds of soft drinks and cigarette
Located in a new residential area along the national high way 1, the eating place offers beef hotpot and other tasty dishes of Vietnamese cuisine at quite affordable prices.
Located about 1.5 kilometers West of the tourist area, the eating place has become popular with local people in Nha Trang city for many years. Visiting the place, customers can enjoy Vietnamese traditional noodle with grilled pork mixed with fresh vegetables and also special Vietnamese spring rolls with unique flavor at quite affordable prices. The street food restaurant is a must visit place for tourists who want to enjoy local food when coming to Nha Trang city.