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A Quick Trip to Tu Bong Orphanage April 2017

( Tiếng Việt Bên Dưới )

 I went to the orphanage for two days. During this time I was unpacking and cataloging some of the amazing teachers resources that Kate recently bought over from Australia. We have books, CD's, flash cards and many other things that we can use in our Summer School to teach the local children of Tu Bong. The local children don't have access to any of these kinds of materials and they will make an amazing difference. Hopefully not only will they learn some conversational English but have fun while doing it.

 The children all have colds at the moment so lots of runny noses and coughs. While they may have been a bit cranky it meant that they wanted lots of cuddles and kisses, something that I'm always happy to give.

Young Phuoc was rolling, lifting his head up and so happy. He was having a wonderful time on the play mat looking and touching with the different mobiles.

 I did some exercises with Phuc and I ended up with about 5 children sitting around me watching what I was doing but not coming near Phuc so not to harm him, they are so patient with him, he was having a wonderful time smiling and giggling. It was great to see him so happy and enjoying a lovely stretch.

Tai is walking and Duc is very close to walking now with Trong not far behind. Lộc is growing so big and still has that amazing head of hair.

 Hau, Hien, Trung and Nghia ended up on the rocking horses after watching Bob the Builder DVD (which they loved) and they ended up having a bit of a race which was hilarious to watch.

Perhaps one of the happiest things for me is that hopefully we finally have some more staff to help the amazing Thuy, Ninh and Hoa who are endlessly patient and loving with all the children.

Together we can make a difference.

If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to :

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