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A quick trip up tu Tu Bong Orphanage with Juanita, Joe, Lisa, Ian, Janny in May 2017

We did a quick trip up to the orphanage to prepare for #Hashtaglunchbag coming up on Sunday.

I was joined by Lisa, Ian, Juanita, Janny and Joe (a friend of Janny's). Unfortunately Ailsa wasn't able to join us as she was feeling a little unwell and didn't want to share it with the children.

We were able to complete the sprinkler system in preparation for the gardening that will happen on Sunday and get all the tools ready.

Ba (one of the men at the temple) has completed one of the bookcases for the summer school. It looks amazing 🙂I'm very excited, hopefully soon we will be able to start setting up the rooms and putting all the books away properly.

Unfortunately most of the older children have colds and chest infections. 5 of the children had to go to hospital for high temperatures so they were all wanting cuddles.

The youngest babies all all healthy, Lộc had his first haircut. He looks like a real little boy now instead of a baby. He was so alert, looking around and smiling.

We had a great time. Lots of cuddles but it's never good to see the children unwell.

Can't wait to go up on Sunday with #hashtaglunchbag.

Together we can make a difference.

If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to :

Ailsa, Juanita, Lisa, Ian visit to Tu Bong Orphana...
Hashtaglunchbag at Tu Bong in 28th in May 2017


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