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Jaunita, Anton, Mariska, Lisa, Ian, Louise, Peter, Shane visit to Tu Bong Orphanage in April 2017

(Tiếng Việt Bên Dưới )

What an amazing day we had on Sunday. Took a great group of people up to the orphanage by car and extras came up on their bikes.

We did so much. Looked around, checked out the garden (the cucumbers are growing amazingly, eaten the first lot of vegetables and the moringa leaves have been incorporated in the children's food). The ladies have planted more vegetables and the whole area is growing really well.

We looked at the things for summer school and came up with many plans. It's getting there and we are all getting very excited with lots of great ideas being shared. We spent time with the children who were all very quiet, still a bit sick. Jaunita spent a lot of time with Phuc. He loved it.

The biggest surprise of all was we have a new baby! SHE arrived this morning, left outside the door of the lady monks house. Her name will be Minh Duyen (charming), she weights just 3.5kgs and she is gorgeous. Long legs, long toes and we think about 4 days old.

 Lộc is very happy and growing quickly but Phuoc is the one who seems to be growing the fastest. I taught Hien how to blow kisses and he thought it was a great game. We had an amazing day.

Thank you Jaunita, Anton, Mariska, Shane, Peter, Louise, Lisa and Ian and of course Hằng for coming up. Together we can make a difference.

If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to :

A Quick Trip to Tu Bong Orphanage April 2017
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