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Malaysian Group with Top Team Visit Tu Bong Orphanage on March 2017

What a very big and busy day we had on Sunday 26-03-17

We hosted a group of 23 Malaysian students and two teachers with Top Team. They came up to the orphanage and temple for the day. We planted avocado and Jack fruit trees (for earth hour), sponsored by Top Team.

Everyone was greeted by Giac Hanh and Giac Thong and taken for a tour of the temple after receiving special stones. Some of the activities we did: Built a sandpit and a fence to go around it, so the children can go outside and play and get some Vit D.

Trimmed and harvested the Moringa Olifera trees. The leaves will be dried and made into a powder adding an amazing amount of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids to the children's diets (the seeds were given to me by Jacob who has been an amazing sponsor of the orphanage).

The students got vietnamese cooking lessons when preparing lunch and dinner Assembled 5 rocking horses for the children The students had also raised some money before they came and a few of them went to a local shop with me and bought a large supply of essential supplies such as sugar, salt, washing powder, formula, dishwashing liquid, 100kg of rice and many other things. They were also able to bring nappies with them, donation from VINDA group, SCA Hygiene Malaysia.

 It was a jam packed day. We couldn't have done it without the very hard work of the amazing ladies at the orphanage led by Thuy, Steve and Ian directing and building the sandpit and fence, Hang and Tram who were everywhere and helped with everything and Giac Thong who led the tree planting with Louise assisting him.

 We were joined in the afternoon by some of the local children, who were fascinated by everything we were doing, who got some english lessons as well.

Of course we squeezed in some time to play with the children and look around the grounds of the beautiful Temple. It was a real team effort, together we certainly made a difference.

If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to :



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