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Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa charity for April 2017

Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa charity for April 2017

Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa with Lanterns Restaurant help sponsor Tu Bong Orphanage each month. The money that they give helps pay for formula for the babies.

We have 12 children under the age of 2 1/2 years which adds up to a lot of formula. The new baby Duyen is doing very well she is eating and sleeping well, Loc is lifting his head and still has all his hair, Phuoc is rolling over and laughing and playing with the mobiles that we have been given.

Tai is walking well but Duc and Trong are still not walking. Trong is crawling really well and gets around very fast.

 Hang and I went up for the day with Juanita to pay the wages and the bill for formula for the month and Juanita spent a lot of time with Phuc, exercising him and taking him around in the pram.

It was a special day for celebrating the building of the Female monk house in front of the orphanage and Hau, Hieu and Hien were wearing monk clothing and looked very cute. It is certainly making a difference having the extra carers with more time for gardening and spending time with the children especially with the younger babies.

If you would like to donate or volunteer you can do so through gofundme or contact Eileen at Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa and arrange an appointment so we can talk about what you would like to do.

Together we can make a difference.

Jaunita, Anton, Mariska, Lisa, Ian, Louise, Peter,...
Max and Tina visit to Tu Bong orphanage in May 201...


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