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Tu Bong Summer School Programs weeks Two 2017



( Tiếng Việt Bên dưới )

We have made the end of week two of Summer School.

This week we learned about the body.
"Head, shoulders, knees and toes" song is always a great way to learn the basics.

Lisa taught the advanced class. They learnt about poems. A bit of a new concept for them. One of the students Huong, wrote an amazing story with "th" words for me to use to teach my class th sounds. With the help of three Swiss Nurses that are staying at the orphanage they made an amazing 3D human skeleton. Some of the students from the middle class from last year are in the advanced class and their enthusiasm is a wonderful thing to see.

Juanita taught the beginner group. Always a difficult job when they have no English at all but she is doing an amazing job. She is so passionate about teaching them. They are learning colours and the alphabet. They had a great time making their skeleton puppets.

I have been teaching the middle group. We have done months of the year, days of the week as well as the body. But they are making great strides in learning how to speak in simple sentences.
They loved their Skelton puppets as well.

We had a smell, touch and taste exercise where they were blindfolded and had to try to match smells and taste different things that were sweet, sour and salty. The lemon juice was not a hit 🙂. Amazingly they didn't think honey was sweet!

The cooking lesson was a real hit. We made egg custard and meringues. We lost power for 30 mins before the start of the cooking BUT it came back on just in time.

We couldn't have achieved what we have without the help of the amazing Vietnamese translators who have been travelling up and back on different days to help us. Some come for one day, some for two. All coming on their day off or going back after a morning session to their jobs in Nha Trang in the afternoon. Thank you very much for your help.

We have started making fruit yogurt and made egg custard for the babies. They love it. The afternoons after we finish teaching we have been getting them all outside on the slippery slide, in the sand pit and on Thursday we finished with outside "baths" in bowls. They had a ball splashing and making me very wet. I think a blow up pool might be purchased this weekend 🙂.

We are having a relax this weekend getting ready for next week. Can't wait to see what adventures we have....


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