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Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa Charity for March 2017

Charity for Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa for March 2017

What a busy month it has been so far.

Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa in conjunction with Lanterns Restaurant have sponsored money towards the buying of formula for the orphanage at Tu Bong but we have also been building a garden at the orphanage, so they can be more self sufficient in the future.

A group of 20 people volunteered to help us to build the garden including some students from Nha Trang University Hello English club as well as friends of ours. We planted pumpkin, tomatoes, cucumber, beans, lettuce and some other vegetables. We worked very hard digging the garden and then Steven and Ian were able to do some repairs to the watering system so now the vegetables will get proper watering. It will be very exciting to watch the vegetables grow.

We have a new baby at the orphanage who is doing very well. He has so much hair it is amazing.

All the other children are doing very well. Tai and Đức will be walking very soon and Phuc seems to be so much happier. Lisa Lim has been doing some work with him as well as the stretches we are doing and he is also up in the pram that Donna Marshall gave to us,he loves being able to see all the children better. It is wonderful to see the children pushing him around in the pram and him smiling.

Laurent Casternet and the staff at Intercontinental Hotel donated some toys, clothes and nappies which were very welcome. Tai, Đức and Trong especially loved the pig and lady bug soft toys.

We are very blessed to have so many people helping and working together so these children have a chance for a better future.

We would like to thank Lisa, Ian, Mariska, Antone, Louise, ... For helping us with the garden and Bela, Lisa, Ian and Hang for coming up with me the following week to plant some extra vegetables.

Together we can make a difference.

If you would like to donate,help or see more about this orphanage you can go to
Alternatively you visit Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa and contact

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Charity Gardening at Orphanage with Mariska, Anton, Ian, Lisa and Hello English Group in March 2017

( Tiếng Việt Bên Dưới )

What a great day we had yesterday.

The weather was perfect. We loaded up a bus with a great group of people and a few bikes, with a stop for breakfast along the way we made it to Tu Bong before 9am. A brief play with the children and then we started our gardening.

It's amazing how hard the ground gets so quickly. It was quite hard work but we were able to make quite a few garden beds. Steven was able to fix the watering system so we had sprinklers to keep our vegetables growing. It got very hot very quick but everyone continued to work, joking and chatting making the time go so quickly.

The ladies at the orphanage cooked us a wonderful lunch even though there was no electricity, we had worked up a big appetite. We planted tomatoes and cucumber in the garden beds in front of the orphanage thanks to the hard work of Lisa, Louise, Dung and Mariska.

 We planted pumpkin, beans, okra, bok choy and a herbal leaf in the gardens in the main area with more gardens ready for more vegetables in the weeks to come. The boys all worked so hard digging, it was a very full and busy day with an amazing amount of work done.

Even though everyone was tired and hot they still wanted to have a look around the beautiful grounds of the temple. We left at 6:30am and got back at 4:30pm a very tired, some a bit sunburnt, group of people.

We made new friends, practised some English, learnt about gardening but hopefully started the process that enables the babies to have better nutrition for a better future.

We couldn't have don't it without the help of all the wonderful volunteers who came with us. Thank you to Hải, Hiền, Thảo, Thế, Thoa, Liền, Sơn, Mimi, Janny, Lisa, Ian, Anton, Mariska, Louise Dung and Steve.

It will be so exciting to watch the vegetables grow.

Together we can make a difference.

If you would like to donate to this Orphanage you can do so through the spa or go to:

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A Quick Trip To The Orphanage To Plan for The Garden February 2017

Janny and I went for a quick trip up to the orphanage to prepare for the upcoming gardening trip.
Of course while we were there we spent time playing with the children.The car that Ian and Lisa bought was in much demand. Hau is pushing Đức around on it and Tai wanted to be pushed as well.

Tai and Đức were up walking and pushing some special walkers that they have. They will be walking by themselves soon.

We have a beautiful new boy, just a week old and his name will be Lộc. His feet and toes are so tiny.

Phuoc is growing so quickly. He is so much bigger, smiling and kicking and loves to watch the other children play.
I did some exercises with Phuc and he was smiling and giggling but only lasted a half hour before he got a bit cranky. He was hungry and wanted his lunch, I guess I can't blame him 🙂

Hien had a great big sleep and only woke up an hour before we left. The twins were running and playing with all the blocks and Trong seemed really happy playing with them.

There were 3 people from Offir Un Toit visiting. It was lovely to have lunch and talk with them. We discussed the garden and building the sandpit.

After lunch Giac Hanh took us for a drive up the mountain on the road he has been building. The views are spectacular from up there. It was still raining a bit so it wasn't as clear as it could be. After the mountain trip Giac Hanh took Janny and I to the hardware shop in Van Gia so we could buy the shovels, hoes and hand tools we will need for the garden. We were able to discuss different types of organic mulch. I can't wait to start the garden on Sunday. Hopefully the weather will be good.

Together we can make a diffirent.

If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to :

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Pure Viet Nam with Hashtaglunchbag in February 2017

What a great day on Sunday at Hashtaglunchbag.

We went a little early to help practise English with the University Students who do such a great job helping each time we do #hashtaglunchbag. Lisa and Ian came along for the first time and enjoyed themselves.

Zallo Group supplied the food for the meals.We put together 600 meals and then they were taken out to three different locations. SOS a government run orphanage, Linh Quang which is a poor community at the back of Nha Trang and a third place that I can't remember.

It was a lot of fun with laughing and joking and of course many pictures taken. We haven't done #hashtaglunchbag for a few months because of Christmas and then TET so it was great to catch up with everyone.

Thank you very much MiMi, Dung, Janny, Ian, Lisa and of course Steve for coming along.

Together we can make a difference.

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Lisa and Ian Visits Tu Bong february 2017

What a great day we had on Sunday. Lisa and Ian Lim wanted to go back to the orphanage. We left at 7:30am by car and were able to be there before 9am in time for lots of cuddles and playing.

Ian and Lisa had bought a ride on car the perfect size for most of the children and they absolutely loved it. It was able to be converted to a walker for Đức, Tai and Trong to use as well. Duc used it and was so surprised to be able to walk a bit with it. He even stood for about 10 secs by himself and them sat down suddenly with such a surprised look on his face it was hilarious.

Under the car is a storage area and they love packing and unpacking it. They are so surprised each time to open it and see the things still in there. Lisa was able to do some work with Phuc. I am really hopeful that we can do some more work for him. If we can help with stimulation and help his gut working he will be so much more comfortable.

Lisa and Ian had bought a beautiful sparkly scooter for Se so she has something just for her and doesn't need to share it with the babies. She was very shy and I am sure soon we will see her whizzing around on it, hopefully outside.

Some good news. It looks like Truong (our ten year old boy) is back with his family. Their financial circumstances must have changed. I do hope it is a permanent and happy change for him. He was starting to really become much happier and more interactive. He is a very quick learner who loved to build things and do puzzles and his English was really starting to improve. I hope it all goes well for him but we will miss him.

Janny  and I had bought vegetables which we steamed and pured. Enough for two weeks. I bought some big IceCube trays and divided the food into portions. Hopefully enough Vege's for 2 weeks for them. We fed them some of the vegetables with a little rice for lunch. Hau certainly didn't like the taste but all the others seemed to enjoy it except Đức wasn't too keen on the carrots. Hopefully they will be encouraged to increase the amount of vegetable content in the children's diets. It's not normal in Vietnam to each so many vegetables. Rather they eat a lot of rice. I know this change is a big thing but hopefully little by little it will happen. I think it will be much easier when we grow our own vegetables.

We returned back to Nha Trang when they went to sleep. 10 very tired babies in their beds and 4 very tired adults in the car. Always busy up there but always an amazing and fulfilling time. Little things all add up to make a big difference.

Thank you Lisa and Ian for the toys and your time. Thank you  Janny  for coming up with us on your day off.

Together we can make a difference.

If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to :

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Nick and Louise Holmes visit Tu Bong February 2017


I was contacted through withlocals. com by some people who were staying at Vinpearl who wanted to come to the orphanage. Louise and Nick Holmes are a lovely couple from Australia who are on a holiday in Vietnam and wanted to help the less fortunate whilst visiting.

We went to the orphanage by car and stopped at the shop where we buy formula from in Tu Bong on the way so Nick and Louise could buy formula and some other supplies for the children. We were able to take up the pram and toy bike that Donna Marshall gave us. The pram was a great hit with Phuc. He loved sitting up and hopefully it will make it easier for him to see what is happening around him more.

Nick had a bit of a job trying to work out how to unlock the breaks that I had put on. Hau, Hien and Hieu loved the bike. They can't quite reach the peddles but loved being pushed around and were fascinated by the storage at the back of it. Packing and unpacking it.

 Louise found a special friend in Trong who fell asleep in her arms and Nick was great with all the kids patiently pushing them around on the bike and pushing Phuc around in the pram. Louise helped with feeding the children always a challenge to keep them focused with so much going on around them and they just want to play.

Nick was pushing Hien and Hieu on the bike and Đức and Tai were following him in their walkers, it was so funny, it looked like follow the leader.

 It was very exciting to see the two new staff who have just started.

 It was a great day and as usual very difficult to leave.

Thank you Donna Marshall once again for the pram and toy bike, Hang for the carton of milk (fantastic receptionist at our spa), Janny for arranging everything for a great trip (couldn't do it without you), Darrin Brown for the really comfortable car with Hieu,his wonderful wife, who was our fantastic driver who was punctual and very helpful (highly recommend you try Nha Trang Private  Car ) and most of all Nick and Louise Holmes for coming up and spending some time with the children and buying formula for them. It is wonderful to meet people who care and want to help others.

 Together we can make a difference.

If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to :

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Going up to Tu Bong with Lisa, Ian, Donna, Eva, Cara and Hang February 2017

I met an amazing Australian couple who have moved to Vietnam recently and who want to get involved with helping the less fortunate. Lisa and Ian wanted to come up to the orphanage and have a look to see what it was like and how they could help. They gave me some money and I bought lots of essential items.

Walker :                                                                  =   350,000

Extra seats to go in old walkers:    2 x 60 000        =   120,000

Large nappies :                              15 x 145 000     = 2,175,000

Wipes :                                           20 x 11              =    220,000

Baby wash:                                     2 x 87 000         =    174,000

Washing powder :                           4 x 170 000       =   680,000

Fabric softener:                               2 x 80 000         =   160,000

Paper napkin:                                  2 x 48 000         =      96,000

Toilet paper:                                    2 x 63 000         =   126,000

One of our walkers were broken and these walkers allow the younger children some independence and keeps them out of everything. Lisa is a natural therapist,who has a practise in Australia, and she is hopeful that she can help Phuc gain more mobility and brain stimulation. I look forward to working with Lisa this could be very exciting, anything to help Phuc would be wonderful. We put Ian to work putting together the new walker and fixing the new seats in the old walkers that of course don't fit exactly.

Donna and Eva (her three year old daughter) bought up some toys that her two daughters had thoughtfully donated. The children loved the musical toys. Donna also gave me a pram that unfortunately we couldn't fit in the car but I will take up soon and I plan on putting Phuc in it so he can sit up and look around more.

Cara and Donna loved cuddling our youngest baby, Phuoc, who was awake for most of the time we were. The children were very excited to spend time with everyone. Playing with new toys being cuddled and chased.

They were all very tired and happy by the time we had to leave. It was great to spend time with everyone. All the children seem to be getting over their colds which is a relief.

Thank you to Lisa, Ian, Donna, Eva, Cara and Hang for going up with me, it was a great day.

If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to


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Visit Tu Bông with Sheran, Mimi, PI and Cheryl in February 2017

Visiting the orphanage with Sheran, Mi Mi and Pi Sheran is a lovely lady who lives in Nha Trang and works as a teacher, she wanted to come and visit whilst she was on school holidays for TET. MiMi and Pi are some Vietnamese friends who were able to come and visit for the day. We all went up by motorbikes. A bit of rain but quite a nice ride.

The babies loved Sheran. She is use to interacting with children and babies and was very comfortable with them. They went to her straight away and she played lots of games with them. They especially loved the fishing game. Maybe they are a bit young at the moment but the older ones seemed to understand a bit.

 They are still loving the Duplo that Joseph bought and are starting to learn how to put together the bricks not just pull them apart. We have had three workers leave and now only three staff left so they were very happy to see us so we could give them a break.

While we were there another lady I had met came up for a few hours. Cheryl is visiting from Hong Kong with her family and we met through Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa. She came up in the rain and could only stay for a short time. Hopefully she will come back again with her friends.

The youngest baby Phuoc is growing quickly and seems to be a lot more settled with his sleeping. He really enjoyed looking at the other children running around. Hieu, Hau, Hien, Trung and Nghia are running now they seem to be especially fond of the Duplo and playing with baskets. Duc, Tai and Trong are growing so fast. They are so much bigger than the other children. Their feet and hands are very large. They are so close to walking. When they smile they light up the room.

Phuc (our disabled young boy) was laughing and giggling when I was tickling him when playing with him on the mat. (Mattress) It's wonderful to see all the babies happy and playing together.

Staying the night certainly allows you to spend more time with them and you can relax and not be so rushed. Feeding time is great fun and they are feeding really well. Thank you Sheran, Mi Mi, Pi, Cheryl and Hang for coming up. As always it was fantastic.

If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to

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Joseph Visits Tu Bong Orphanage January, 2017

It's amazing how much has changed in the few short weeks I have been away. Duc, Tai and Trong look so different. Duc and Tai are such strong young babies. They are crawling quickly and scooting around in their walkers.Trong is slower. He isn't able to sit properly and seems much slower than the other two. Hieu, Hau, Hien, Trong and Nghia are running. They are playing together all the time and never seem to stop.

I bought up Joseph, a friend from Australia, who has been before with me to the orphanage. Joseph bought over lots of toys for the children including a big set of Duplo that all the children loved. The younger ones loved to try and eat the blocks and were attracted to the bright colours, apart from the fact that they make a lot of noise when banged on the granite. I started to show Hau and the others how to put together the blocks and whilst they seemed to understand they couldn't quite get it but they certainly seemed delighted to be able to pull apart anything I put together for them. When Truong and Se came home from school they we're so excited to see the blocks they were putting together cars and buildings in no time. The younger children were trying to get to them as fast as they were putting them together and pull them apart for them which of course they didn't like.

Phuoc, the new baby, is now 6 weeks old and is as cute as a button. He is sleeping much better now. Joseph helped me do exercises with Phuc. He loved getting onto a mat and looking around and stretching. His legs are very skinny though. Joseph and I discussed ways of trying to get him upright. Joseph is an ambulance officer in Australia and has a good medical background and maybe we can get something to help Phuc sit upright and support his neck. We'll see what we can do in the future.

Joseph and I stayed for 3 days; it was great to spend some time. Unfortunately several of the carers have left and they only have 3 left. Thuy, Ninh and Hoa work so hard and the children love them, however we need to find more carers to help them. With the new baby and Phuc who needs so much care and the others all mobile it is a very busy place. If you know anyone who would like a job as a carer please let me know. Thank you very much Joseph for coming up with me and spending the time. The children loved playing with him.

If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to

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Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa Charity December 2016 in Lai Chau

Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa donated money to a group of young people who went to a school on the Dao San Boarder which is on the border of Vietnam and China. This story is written by Trang who accompanied the group doing this charity work.

This school belongs to the Lai Chau Province it is 1650kms away and is 1526m above sea level. This school has 664 students teaching grades 6,7,8 and 9 and it is the only school for 10 local towns. There are 300 students who board at this school because they live too far away to go home every day so the school provides all of their meals. The students have a hard life, they attend classes twice a day, only one compulsory, however all attend both as they want to learn. They also have cultural and community classes at night that teach the students to live as Kinh people. They are taught to cook, clean and prepare food so they may help their families when they return to their village.

They have outside activities as well. Volleyball, playing with marbles and skipping are the main things they like to do when they have no classes. I'm sure because of the cold weather they like to exercise to keep warm also because they are teenagers and have so much energy. All students are so well behaved.

They are keen to learn and they listen closely and try to do exactly what you have told them. They are really friendly saying hello to everyone and are well behaved. One of the problems they have is that they need to heart the Kinh Language (Vietnamese) they are speaking H'mong, Dao and Ha Nhi, their minority language, with their parents. Sometimes it’s hard for some students to hear what people say. Teachers here are very patient they love the students like their own children. The teacher's here receive a higher salary than those in the city because of the isolation.

The Vietnamese government is trying to help all the ethnic minority students go to school, they pay approximately 400,000 vnd per month per boarded student and support 70% of the school fee for all students. Boarded students don’t need to pay anything extra.

The living conditions of the ethnic minority people are very poor. Their main business is growing agricultural products. Once a month they take what they have grown to the local market to sell.

Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa donated money to buy blankets and noodles for the students. In the winter the lowest temperatures are in the minuses, and the students never seem to have enough clothes to warm themselves. They live together in the dorm rooms. With the money donated we were able to buy blankets and noodles as well as collecting donated clothing for them. Because of limitations of cost we were able to deliver 30 gifts (1 blanket, 1 box noodle, 1 shirt, 1 pant’s) to the top 30 students but clothes and books had been donated so we were able to give clothes and books to many children.

The day we left the school, all the students stood in a line from the school yard to the gate to wave and say goodbye to us. It was really hard to say goodbye after staying for 2 nights and 3 days.

We would like to thank Trang and all of the people in this group who took the time to visit this remote school and show these people that others have not forgotten them.

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On Thursday night the 23rd of December Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa in conjunction with the AM group (a group of young Vietnamese people who want to help people in need) gathered together, we had collected over 50 jackets and cash. Some of our staff bought in clothing and donated cash themselves. Four of our staff having working all day, and one staff,on her day off, wanted to join us at 9pm to help deliver the clothing and money. We finished after 11pm. We divided into three groups to give a jacket and cash to the silent disadvantaged, disabled and homeless people who sleep in doorways, collect the recyclables and sell gum and lottery tickets in an effort to survive. After all the recent rain and flooding in and around Nha Trang it is quite cold and many are struggling to stay warm and earn a little money. Every single person that we gave clothing and cash to smiled with joy, amazed that we would help them, they couldn't thank us enough. One lady who was sleeping in a doorway on cardboard, was given a bag with two jackets and she gave us one back so someone else may benefit because she only needed one. It was an amazingly joyful and immensely humbling experience. The true spirit of Christmas. Steven and I would like to thank Duy and Hằng for inviting us, Trang for helping to coordinate everything, our wonderful staff Dung, Phuc, Loan, Dao who joined us and our staff who gave clothing and money when they themselves have so little. Together we can make a difference!

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Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa charity November 2016

It is getting quite cool now in Tu Bong. We have bought a few mats so the children can sit and play and not get cold. Everyone is starting to get over their colds a bit. In conjunction with Lanterns, Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa help pay some of the costs for the formula each month for these babies.

There has been a new addition to the orphanage, another boy. He was born a week ago. He seems healthy, sleeping and eating. His weight was 3.1kgs. Now there are 9 boys and one girl all under the age of two years old.

If you would like to visit or help with the orphanage please contact me at Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa or donate online at

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Fundraising Event for Tu Bong Orphanage at Alana Hotel

 (Tiếng Việt bên dưới)

Thank you all for coming to the dinner at the Alana Hotel on Thursday "Woman's Day". The Alana Nha Trang Beach Hotel did a wonderful job with the food and were very welcoming and helpful. It's a great venue for an event. It was great to have friends supporting this event and to meet new people. We met and chatted with a cocktail before sitting down and enjoying the super 5 course menu. Anya Dinh spoke and greeted everyone and later Quế Trang and I Eileen Maree Brown spoke about the Tuong Lai Foundation and our hopes for the Orphanage at Tu Bong in the future.

We were very blessed to be joined by Thuy, the manager of the orphanage, who was celebrating her birthday and two of the monks, Su Thong Giac Thong who also shared with us the stories of how some of the children were left at the orphanage as well as Su Uy.

We had decorated the room with pictures of the children, some taken by @Oona, who will have her pictures showcased at the upcoming silent auction LIVINcollective on Thursday 27th of October. People were very interested in learning about the children and reading the story boards we had prepared. Thank you to Steve Brown who was a wonderful MC as always making everyone laugh. There were lucky door prizes that were donated by Alana Hotel and Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa a nights accommodation, a spa treatment, as well as vouchers to be spent at the food and beverage venues at Cinnamon Restaurant . Two hours and a half hour body scrub, chocolate wrap and Lomi Lomi massages were donated by Pure Vietnam Beauty & Spa. All winners were very happy people!
Thank you all for coming.
Together we can make a difference.

If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to


#vietnamesewomenday #tuonglaifoundation
#tlfnhatrang for #TuBongOrphanage

Xin gửi lời cám ơn đến tất cả quý vị đã tham gia vào bữa tiệc nhân ngày Phụ Nữ Việt Nam tại khách sạn Alana vào ngày thứ Năm vừa rồi. Gửi lời cám ơn chân thành đến khách sạn Alana đã chuẩn bị rất xuất sắc từ món ăn cho đến phục vụ cũng như khâu chào mừng khách mời cùng chúng tôi. Chúng tôi có cocktail nhẹ cho các vị khách lúc ban đầu để mọi người chào hỏi cùng nhau. Sau đó tất cả cùng thưởng thức thực đơn năm món. Anya đã có đôi lời phát biếu đầu tiên để chào đón các vị khách và Trang cùng tôi cũng đã nói về quá trình thành lập quỹ từ thiện Tương Lai cũng như các dự định cho trại trẻ mồ côi Tu Bông trong giai đoạn tới. Tôi rất hạnh phúc khi Thủy, người quản lý tại trại trẻ hiện nay, chúng tôi cũng đã tổ chức sinh nhật cho cô ấy vào tối ngày hôm đó và còn có sự tham gia của hai vị Sư đến từ Tịnh Xá. Một trong hai vị Sư Thống đã có đôi lời phát biểu về câu chuyện các bé đã bị bỏ rơi như thế nào.

Chúng tôi đã trang trí căn phòng bằng các bức ảnh của các bé, một vài trong số đó là ảnh được Oona chụp. Nhân đây tôi cũng xin báo với mọi người rằng chúng tôi sẽ có buổi đấu giá kín cho các bức ảnh được chụp bởi chị vào ngày 27/10 tại nhà hàng Livin Collective. Tôi vui vì các vị khách đã rất thích thú xem các bức ảnh cũng như là say sưa đọc các mẫu chuyện về các bé.

Cảm ơn Steve đã tham gia làm người dẫn chương trình cho buổi tối ngày hôm ấy, anh luôn biết cách làm cho mọi người cười. Giải thưởng cho chương trình rút thăm may mắn tối ngày hôm đó được tài trợ bởi khách sạn Alana cùng Pure VietNam Beauty and Spa, giải thưởng bao gồm: một đêm nghỉ tại khách sạn Alana, voucher massage, voucher tại nhà hàng Cinnamon. Về phía Pure VietNam giải thưởng là gói tẩy tế bào chết bằng đường sau đó đắp dưỡng da bằng sô-cô-la và cuối cùng là massage Lomi Lomi. Các vị khách chiến thắng đều đã rất vui mừng với những giải thưởng.
Xin gửi lời cảm ơn chân thành đến tất cả các vị khách.
Cùng chung tay chúng ta sẽ tạo nên sự khác biệt.

If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to


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Fundraiser Event for Tu Bong Orphanage

What a great night it was on #thursdaynight at LIVINcollective. Oona Baumier had returned from her travels especially or this event and her beautiful canvas’s up for auction.

Thank you to all who braved the weather to come out and support this great cause and have a great time. The food and wine were fantastic and there were many great prizes that went for good prices. Everyone had a great time chatting and making new friends. We all had a lot of fun.

Everyone who came received a 2 week free membership to California Gym Fitness - Nha Trang Center.
Thank you to Livincollective for having allowing us to use your wonderful venue.

Thank you to our sponsors who donated prizes:
Oona Baumier Vinpearl Golf Land Resort and Villas Saga du Mekong Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel & Spa Lanterns Vietnamese Restaurant BBQ Un In Cheers Bar Ha Van Hotel & The Rooftop Lounge Pure Vietnam Beauty & Spa California Gym Fitness - Nha Trang Center

#TuongLaiFoundation #tlfnhatrang

If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to


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Joseph visits Tu Bong Orphanage September 2016



Joseph is an ambulance officer from Australia. I know him because he has been to Vietnam many times helping in another charity school where I use to teach English. Joe's parents are Vietnamese and he wants to help his parents country particularly orphans and disadvantaged children. This visit he wanted to come to Tu Bong with us for two days to see what it was like.

My assistant Trang met Joseph at the Costa, where he has been staying, and took him to the orphanage by bus, this is a 3 hour trip but the advantage is that you get to see the country side and have a chat. Joe was quite shy with the babies in the beginning, he observed everyone for some time but soon he was playing and holding them. I think he was a little overwhelmed with 9 babies all laughing playing and crawling on him. He started to play games with the older children who loved all the attention especially from a man. In the after noon we all went to temple and around the grounds together and finished off with a swim at the local beach because we were so hot. Then before it getting dark we went to the local beach to go swimming to cool down after the long walk. We went back to the orphanage when it quite late to have dinner, the ladies always cook fantastic food, and then we went to the Temple to teach the novice monks English. Joe talked about his job in Melbourne and what it is like to be an ambulance officer in Australia because it is totally different in VietNam.




We had two bikes and Joe said he would be comfortable going back on the bike so it only took 1 1/2hrs to go back to Nha Trang.

Joe will be back with us in January next year. This time he would like to stay a couple weeks at the orphanage. He is planning to get some toys and educational aids for the children here.

 We are waiting to see you again Joseph.

Thank you for visiting us.

If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to




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Wilson Agency helps Tu Bong Orphanage

Marco and Buffy came to visit Tu Bong Orphanage through “With Locals” in August. They were visiting Vietnam with their two sons Olivier and Indy and wanted to visit an Orphanage in Vietnam and help with children and babies. Buffy and Marco help in an Orphanage in Romania and wanted their children to help other children in Vietnam. They came up and spent two days and a night with us at the Orphanage. They played with the children and babies and made a very special bond with Tuong, a 10 year old boy who stays with us because his family is so poor. Tuong has been very sad and he was so happy to have the attention of Marco and the boys. We took Tuong swimming with us in the afternoon and he had so much fun in the water. It was such a simple thing that has made a lasting difference.

Marco and Buffy have a catering business in Rotterdam and the Wilson Agency wanted to host a dinner for the 10th Anniversary of the Wilson Agency BV. The Wilson Agency are an office who arrange the customs clearance, liner bookings, forwarding, barging and other related activities for shipping on behalf of Wilson and Wilson’s customers. This company was established in 2006 by Robert Bravenboer. The service, which includes a network of agents, is specialized to provide tailor-made quality solutions to Norwegian linked transport requirements and door-to-door services.

When Marco met with Robert Bravenboer the Managing Director, they talked about Vietnam and that Robert and his wife had visited 6 years ago. Marco and Robert spoke about how they all loved the country and the people. Robert wanted his guests to donate money to our Orphanage instead of receiving presents and flowers.They had a very successful dinner with many people attending and many people donated to the orphanage.

They have donated over $3 000 (AUD) This has been an amazing result for the Orphans of Tu Bong.

I would like to thank Robert Bravenboer for his generosity of spirit in sharing with us and Marco and Buffy who not only helped us at the time of their visit but have continued to help us when they returned to their own country.

Together we can make a difference.


If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to

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Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa Charity work October 2016

We went up to the orphanage for two days with a group of friends and had a fantastic time. It was wonderful to go and spend time with everyone after the busy time with our dinner at Skylight.
Maureen, her sister in law Tracey Lowe, Thương Phan, Hola Nhân (friends of Maureen's), Eva Llinas (who I met at the Skylight dinner), Trang and I all went by bus. It is a great way to see the scenery and also have the time to chat a bit.

The weather was great. Not too hot and we were able to visit the temple and look around the beautiful grounds without being too uncomfortable. Unfortunately Thương Phan and Hola Nhân had to come back the same day but the rest of us stayed overnight.
They did get to spend time with the children and have a look around. Maureen, Tracey and Eva were able to meditate that night with the monks on top of the Temple. The monks provided them with their own little tent so they wouldn't be bothered by mosquitos.

All the children are growing some fast. Tai is now 0.5kg heavier than Hieu. Trong and Duc are looking more and more alike. The babies are rolling, laughing and getting so big. Even Phuc seemed to be getting a little bigger. He is stretching more and seems to have better movement with his arms and legs. The twins seem to be smiling more and playing more not sitting back watching as much. Hau is still in love with his drums and Hien is crawling everywhere at a million miles an hour. Of course the big thing was Hieu walked for the first time. She has taken one or two steps and fallen but this time she actually took a lot of steps. I was lucky enough to get it on video. Everyone was very excited and there was lots of celebrations after, a very happy time.

If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to


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Fund Raising Dinner for Tu Bong Orphanage

(Tiếng Việt bên dưới)
Our first fund raising dinner at Skylight was a fantastic success. We sold out all seats and had extra people wanting to come. Nha Trang people have shown wonderful support and it is very humbling. Thank you Skylight for allowing us to have the event there, your team were great and we all enjoyed the dinner and venue. Thank you to team Skylight for your amazing generous donation. We would like to thank the sponsors who donated prizes for the raffle tickets. Intercontinental, Skylight, Lanterns restaurant, BBQ Un In, Livin Collective, Cheers, Ha Van Roof top and Nha Trang Private Car Hire. It was wonderful that Giac Hanh and Su Thong were able to join us and speak a little about charity. Thank you to my wonderful husband Steve Brown, Trang and Trang for your wonderful support, understanding and assistance in making this event such a success.

Donations as a result of the dinner (VND):
- Sales of tickets: 3 920 000
- Samantha Tan : 1 000 000
- Huyen Tram, Thao: 500 000
- Beverly : 1 000 000
- Christine: 700 000
- Thu Thuy: 500 000
- Duy and Hang: 1 200 000
- Mix restaurant: 2 000 000
- Ms Hong , Ms Lam (Nha Trang University): 1 000 000
- Students from K54, Faculty of Foreign Language, Nha Trang University: 4 000 000
- Tk Nguyen, Dru, Syrus (Skylight Nha Trang): 10 000 000
Thank you everyone very much for coming and supporting us.


Bữa ăn tối gây quỹ Từ Thiện tại Nhà Hàng Skylight đã thành công rực rỡ. Mặc dù không còn chổ do chúng tôi đã bán hết vé nhưng vẫn còn các vị khách muốn tham gia. Người dân Nha Trang đã rất niềm nở hổ trợ sự kiện lần này cùng chúng tôi. Cám ơn Skylight đã đăng cai điạ điểm tổ chức cùng đội ngũ nhân viên tuyệt vời. Nói nhỏ là thức ăn tại Chef's club là không thể nói không được các bạn ạ. Trân trọng gửi lời cám ơn đến các nhà tài trợ đã đóng góp giải thưởng: Intercontinental, Skylight, Lanterns restaurant, BBQ Un In, Livin Collective, Cheers, Ha Van Roof top and Nha Trang Private Car Hire. Và còn có sự góp mặt của Sư Giác Hạnh (Trụ Trù chùa), Sư Thống đã tham gia phát biểu trong buổi tiệc. Gửi lời cám ơn đến chồng tôi Steve Brown, Trang và Trang đã hộ trợ tôi rất nhiều để bữa tiệc được thành công.
Kết quả quyên góp (VND):
- Bán vé số: 3 920 000
- Samantha Tan : 1 000 000
- Huyền Trâm, Thảo: 500 000
- Beverly : 1 000 000
- Christine: 700 000
- Thu Thuỷ: 500 000
- Duy, Hằng: 1 200 000
- Nhà Hàng Pha Trộn:2 000 000
- Cô Hồng, Cô Lam (Đại Học Nha Trang): 1 000 000
- Sinh viên khoá 54 khoa Ngoại Ngữ trường Đại Học Nha Trang: 4 000 000
- Tk Nguyen, Dru, Syrus (Skylight Nha Trang): 10 000 000
Cám ơn tất cả mọi người đã đến và ủng hộ chúng tôi.

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Michelle visits Tu Bong orphanage September 2016

I took Michelle up to the orphanage. Michelle contacted me because some friends of hers had been to the orphanage previously when they were in Nha Trang. We went up and back by bus. We were able to spend some wonderful time with the children. Hieu is standing by herself but not confident enough to walk. Hau and Hien are standing but still have wobbly legs, Phuc is getting more exercises and seems to be much happier now. The twins are standing but not as strong as Hau and Hien with their legs. All the babies love the drums. They bang and play them maybe not relaxing for everyone else but they have so much fun doing it, it is wonderful to see. The babies are getting so big, rolling, smiling, and sucking on their hands. The weather was rainy and much cooler so it was very comfortable and all the children seemed to be taking advantage of it and having longer naps. It was a shame it was such a short visit but it is always wonderful to watch new people fall in love with the children.


If you would like to donate or see more information about this orphanage please go to

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Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa with hashtaglunchbag September

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Another great Sunday morning at BBQ Un In with #hashtaglunchbag. It has been one year already since Nha Trang first joined with the world wide #hashtaglunchbag. It is held on the last Sunday of each month and is sponsored by a group of hotels, each one providing the food each month. A group of volunteers come together to pack and distribute the food to the various destinations.

There are a lot of people who come from the local University as well as people from various businesses and tourists who have heard about this fantastic initiative. I am so happy when I see people starting to give something of themselves especially helping those who are less fortunate.

Thanks to Star City who sponsored this month’s #hashtaglunchbag . Thanks to all the amazing volunteers who made it possible.

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