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A ride to To Bong, Vietnam. They need your help.

Today we went for a ride to see our friend who is back at the Pagoda in Tu Bong.  Tu Bong which is around a ninety minute motorbike ride from Nha Trang on Highway One. We visited the orphanage while we were there and they some assistance so I thought I would share their story.

Orphanange Pagoda

Yesterday they received twin three month old babies from someone who left them at the orphanage. Trong and Nghia are gorgeous and certainly do look like twins when they are awake. Maybe double trouble when they grow up.

Three babies sleeping

Xuan Hien is a two month old boy who is a recent addition as well and has an amazing amount of black hair. He can certainly drink and lets everyone know when he’s awake. He is doing really well.

2 month old

The baby with a cleft palate, Hieu who is now four months old, is doing very well. She is gaining weight and is a very happy baby. She is hopefully going to Saigon after TET for the operation to start fixing her cleft palate. She eats really well. I fed her lunch. Not so keen on water but ate all her food.

Hieu Hieu

Phuc, the fourteen month old boy has grown but unfortunately is not passing any milestones. He is unable to lift his head. He seems to have physical and mental disabilities.

Hau is a three and a half month old boy who is has grown a lot since the last we saw him. He is doing well drinking and all the things he should do.

Because there are so many babies who require so much care the amount of older children has had to decrease. Now there are only two older children, a four year old giggling boy Tung, and a two year old girl Xuan, who has some problems.

Tung Sleeping

Miss Thuy and her assistants do an amazing job that just doesn’t seem to end with so many babies. They need supplies for the children but they need people to help take care. If you want to volunteer for a day, week, month or any time I’m sure they would love you to help or if you can donate nappies, formula or any baby things I know it would be gratefully received.

There is a wonderful man who is making a slippery slide for the children and he has made swing chairs as well for them.

Slippery slide making slippery slide Swing chairs

Teaching English to the local children and monks is also something that they would like to restart. If you can help in any way please let us know at Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa. We can put you in touch or co-ordinate things for you.

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Eating Mi Hoang Thanh, Banh Bao and Vit Tim in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Storefront of Mi Hoang Thanh eating food

Close to Cho Dam markets there is a lady who has been cooking Mi Hoang Thanh, Banh Bao, Vit Tim and Pho for over ten years. It is a family run business. This business offers a few options, unlike most street food places that normally only specialize in one dish. Their address is 02 Hai Bo Trung Street. They are open all day until late at night. I have been there at 11pm for a late dinner and they have still been serving meals.My husband and I are frequent diners at this place. The food is always tasty and filling.

One of the accompaniments they have here is pickled garlic and chili which is stored together in a dish, they pack a powerful punch. One piece of garlic in your soup certainly flavours the soup.

Mi Hoang Thanh Mi Hoang Thanh

Mi Hoang Thanh (pronounced Me Wan Ton) is a noodle soup with slices of pork and minced pork inside several wanton wrappers. This is a very tasty meal that you can add lime juice, soy sauce, chili, shredded lettuce leaf and shredded mint leaves to. You can have the soup on the side (Mi Kho) (pronounced Me Cor) 35 000VND per dish. This is my favorite

Vit Tim (say like it is spelled )is the same noodle soup but instead of having pork meat and wontons with pork inside you get a Maryland cut of duck that has been cooked until falling off the bone in a broth flavoured with spices and dried apples, a very large meal and fabulously tasty. As usual you can add whatever you want to your soup. This is priced at 50 000VND per dish. Below is a picture of the stock with the duck Maryland pieces cooking. beside this picture is the chili sauce bubbling away.

stock with duck chili and duck cooking

They do Pho here with flat rice noodle (not thin vermicelli noodle you get most other places) as well as Banh Bao.

Banh Bao

Banh Bao is a steamed bread like dough with the inside full of pork mince, quail egg and pork meat and Chinese sausage. This is a very filling and bought here very tasty. I do like to add soy sauce to it. For 20 000VND this is an excellent cheap meal as it is very hard to eat more than one even if you are very hungry. There is a 15 000VND option and this doesn’t have the Chinese sausage in it (however I think this is a very tasty addition). This is a very fast and filling lunch option or a late night snack.

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Lunch at Van Gia, north of Nha Trang

It was such a magnificent day and our friends last day of their holidays. We decided to go to Ninh Hoa for lunch. We got to a local fishing village at Luong Son and stopped to take some fantastic photos.

We decided instead of Ninh Hoa lets go to Van Gia and sit on the beach and eat Banh Mi for their last lunch. The countryside was sensational.

Of course we saw a funny motorbike shot. They were carrying glass and it was so clean it was hard to see what they were carrying.

This lady was making new fishing nets.

Lunch was tasty as always and what could be better than sitting on the beach.

It was all just one hour north of Nha Trang. I highly recommend getting out and about. The country side is sensational.

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Five day trip to Danang, Hoi An and Hue, Vietnam

We flew from Nha Trang to Da Nang and arrived at 8:30am. We went straight to a hotel that was recommended to us by someone who lives in Da Nang to hire motorbikes but could not rent them without handing over our passports. The receptionist did understand that we couldn't  hand over our passports because then we would have problems hiring hotel rooms. This happened with two different companies. After a little research on the internet (God bless Google) I eventually found run out of the Loseby Hotel. They rent motorbikes. The website is very good. The receptionist was excellent and helpful. We soon had two motorbikes. The owners of the motorbikes were helpful and spoke English.
They ensured we understood everything about the motorbikes and took photos of passports. We were able to finally leave at 11am.

Loseby Hotel

On our way to Hoi An we went to marble mountain, very touristy and all about the money we didn't really linger. I did look at the mountain and I am sure the Pagoda is interesting but we decided to push on to Hoi An. We looked through one of the shops and we ended up just leaving. We didn't go up to the mountain.

 Arrived at Aquarium Villa in Hoi An where we had booked through the internet at 11:50 Good ride in and relatively easy to find. It is a quiet villa with a very welcoming receptionist. The Villa is located next to rice fields and just out of town but having the motorbikes made everything very accessible.

Aquarium Villa

We went into Hoi An to look around. We had a little list of things to do and buy. We accomplished most things very easily but failed to buy material for sarongs. Went back to the villa for a rest then met and went into town at 5pm. The light was great for photos. The lanterns started to come on around 5:30. There were a lot of wedding photos on the river.

  Big Lantern Cards for sale Wedding photos in the river River View at night Fish netting in the river Ancient bridge

Had lots to eat. Deep,fried wanton - delicious. Bo Lot a lot - delicious, pork on a stick grilled with salad and a great dipping sauce.

It was really nice to wander around, taking photos and stopping when you wanted to. Cool and pleasant, not too crowded. Stopped and had a drink and watched the world go by in the end. The motorbikes needed to be picked up by 9:30. You can't take motorbikes into the city between certain hours so everyone can comfortably walk around. However they do have cyclo's which I think defeats the purpose. You're allowed bicycles. No horns allowed. No horns and no motorbikes what an excellent idea!

Night picture 

Went to bed 10 pm very tired after a full day. Left Hoi An at 8:30am on motorbikes after a great breakfast around the fish pond.

Went up to Hai Van Pass just outside of Da Nang.  It was an excellent ride up a very twisty mountain. The top is fantastic. There are lots of "Pill Boxes" and bunkers, some with bullet holes in. There is so much history here and it is very easy to imagine it happening. It was very eerie to wander around especially in the mist from the mountains. The scenery is amazing.

 Hai Van Pass Hai Van Pass Hai Van Pass Hai Van Pass

We went to Hue via the coast road. We arrived in Hue after stopping for delicious Nem thit noung on the outskirts of Hue. Along the way we saw heaps of “stills” and we couldn’t work out what they were making. Eventually we stopped and it turned out to be eucalyptus oil, bottles and bottles of it.

Bottom of Hai Van Pass

We arrived at our hotel, Hong Thiên 1 Hotel, (good comfortable hotel, excellent location for food and Citadel without being too close, not noisy) and decided to drive around the Citadel and then go in. Before we could get there however we discovered we had a flat tire. We took it to a repair man just down the road, whilst it was being repaired the boys found a coffee shop and the girls found a clothes shop where we were able to get Columbia trousers for 150000 VND each. Bargin! I got Steven 2 pairs and Fiona got a pair. Before the boys could finish the coffee the tire was repaired for the princely sum of 20000 VND. (It cost more for the coffee).

We made it to the Citadel. An amazing place. Some of the restoration is spectacular. I loved the gates and the walls. The disappointing thing is actually the lack of information. I would have thought a book about it or pamphlet or something but unfortunately there was nothing but plaques in some places.

 Citadel Citadel Citadel Citadel Citadel Citadel

We went around three quarters of it in 2 1/2 hrs. Hopefully we will be back to finish it off tomorrow. We were walked out. We went for a ride around in the forbidden city at night. There are some great bridges in here. We went out for dinner at a place just down the road from where we were staying. The name was Hue Spring bar and Restaurant. The food was great.

A mix of Vietnamese and western food and it was excellent. We ordered a mix of foods. All Vietnamese and we loved every dish.

 Hue River Hue River

We went to 3 tombs this morning. Ming Mung Tomb which had huge grounds. Very serene, beautiful buildings very few people here. We went to Thieu Tri Tomb next. Lots of stairs! Very stark colours but inside the last building the mosaics were amazing where the king was buried. More people here and the weather was starting to heat up. The last tomb was Tu Duc. Very serene grounds and nice buildings but not my favorite. The waterways with the buildings on them were lovely.

Ming Mung Tomb Tombs Tombs Tombs Insence Sticks for sale

Had a great lunch at Risotto. Fantastic Italian food! Go figure in Vietnam we ate Italian. Not a normal thing for us but convenient. Afternoon of lazing or site seeing whatever took your fancy. I went for a walk along the river and ended up talking to two young ladies who wanted to practice their English. This took up quite a bit of time. Walking back it was lovely to see the sun set behind the Citadel. We had another great meal for dinner.


Left Hue at 8:30am. It took 2 hours of riding on great road to get near A Luoi. Stopped and took photos for Fiona of the Khe Sanh sign.

Ke San sign map

We had a coffee looked at the maps then got under way.

We went to the border crossing into Laos. Beautiful scenery from there, the guard deleted the photos Steven took and then he shook my hand, no hard feelings.

Laos Border Scenery at border crossing

 We were aiming for Prao for the night. The country side was amazing. Lush green fields with rice fields and animals everywhere. The mountain range up through the mid highlands is stunning. It just keeps going. We climbed and climbed. We came across a water buffalo at the top ( no water in site) but he was in the middle of the road, dogs, cows, goats and so many chickens wanting to cross the road. We came across this amazing lady selling bananas near the top. I have no idea of her age. Steven got his photo taken with her. I think she thought we were crazy. The ladies were walking along with baskets on their backs loaded up.

 scenery in mountains Tunnel at top of mountain lady selling bananas Steven with lady village in the mountains water buffolo lady carrying wood

We ran out of petrol and coasted to where a blue tarp was on the road and a couple of children. They understood what we wanted and Steven and Peter went off to get fuel and Fiona and I stayed with the bike and spoke with the children. They were fabulous. We taught a little English and took some photos. They were so friendly.

bridge to village for petrol no petrol coming back with petrol Steven with children

 We rolled into Prao butt sore but only 2:30pm. Had a great lunch and decided to push on. Too early to stop we thought. It continued to be sensational scenery and then we got a flat tyre. No problem, Fiona and I stayed and the boys got taken off to get the tyre fixed.

fixing bike

The men seemed to be drinking a bit and foreign ladies seemed to attract them, but some ladies stopped and helped us. The other locals were keeping an eye making sure that nothing happened to us. The boys picked us up but unfortunately the patch didn't take so we had to go back and ended up with a new inner tube. Fiona and I were left at a shop this time. There were two drunken men this time but we ended up teaching English to some children and then I think the word spread andmore and more children and ladies kept arriving. We ended up with over twenty people listening. It was a lot of fun. Fiona had a couple of koala bears and she gave them to some children and they were entranced.

 teaching children English

Back on the road we went, perhaps a little later than what we wanted, but no problem.  We ended up stopping at a roadside store when it started raining, had some dinner, a young lady by the name of Loi helped us. She was fantastic. The rain settled a little, and slowly we started aiming for a town we had seen on the map that had hot springs. I'm sure they were great but we arrived wet, in the dark and couldn't find anything. A local lad helped us get gasoline and decision was made to head into Da Nang. At 9:30pm we arrived at the Loseby Hotel having crossed the dragon bridge all lit up and showing Peter and Fiona the lights of the city.

dragon bridge Da Nang

We were back where we hired the bikes. A little tired and weary but with amazing memories of the best people and fantastic sights. Steven and Peter were fantastic riding. It would have been very stressful the last bit in the rain and at night with very poor light but we got there. This trip was excellent from start to finish. 4 nights and 5 days of adventure with excellent friends. Friday morning went into the markets and got some things for the spa and then went out to Chua Linh Quang. This Pagoda has awesome views, we took lots of photos and then had a leisurely drink and trip to the airport.

harbor view from Pagoda Pagoda markets in Da Nang Markets in Da Nang

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Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa Charity for December

We had a fantastic day on Sunday the 10th of January.
It is TET next month so we took 20 children from an orphanage to buy new clothes and new shoes for Lunar New Year. They ranged in age from 3 to 15 years old.
Getting ready to go to the orphanage Going to the market in groups of five Picking the correct size clothes is hard Trying to find the right dress
We took the children in groups of five to a clothes shop and then to a shoe shop. The children got to pick what they wanted instead of receiving what we had picked for them. They had so much fun and so did we. Some children found it hard to make a decision but once they saw something they wanted they made up their minds. It was wonderful to see their joy.
Very excited Very happy with her dress
Lunar New Year is so important in Vietnam and having new clothes is an important part of it. It is great that these children don’t have to miss out on it. It took a little planning and lots of helpers but it all went very well. Steven and I would like to thank Mark and Majella Clayton and Colleen Rendell for generously giving money to help with this. Thank you to Nhung Nguyen for the lovely hair bands and hair ties. The girls loved them.
Off to get shoes Boys happy as well Boys look very handsome Children look happy
We needed lots of people to help with this, staff from Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa, Dung and Dung, friends from Australia Peter Sheldon and Fiona Cossil, and many of our friends Thao, Hoa, Hien, Uyen, Uyen and Lanh, all assisted. Without their help we could not have done this. Thank you all so much. It was an amazing day.
Done and dusted for another year Last person finished with clothes
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Teaching at a school in Nha Trang

I have started teaching at an International school on Saturday afternoon's into the evening.


One of our friends bought over some templates for finger puppets for Christmas.We cut out all the puppets for them and the children could color them in if they wanted.

I teach five classes with varying ages from small children to the older sixteen year olds. They had a lot of fun with the finger puppets and learning about Christmas.

kids with puppets kids with puppets 2

kids with puppets 3 puppets

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Christmas 2015 in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Christmas has some wonderful sights with many lights. The local people "go around" on Christmas Eve and it can get very busy.

I went to mass at the local Cathedral (rock church) there were many people with the outdoor service.

christmas mass

The singing was great and the mood was wonderful. Even though it is a foreign language it was the same service in any country.

There were a group of children in the park and my friend got a picture of them. they looked great.

christmas children 

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Going for a ride to Ta Gu Falls

A friend of ours comes from a village in the mountains 3 hours from Nha Trang and was telling us about some beautiful waterfalls near her home.

We decided that we would go for the day while our friends were visiting from Australia.

Map of Ta Gu

There were a few of us.

group photo on bikes

The ride up was spectacular. The mountain range is beautiful and the twisty road is in good condition.

two roads

We went to our friends home to pick up some chicken and then stopped at a little road side stall to buy salad.

Loan's family group shot

roadside stall

Along the way we stopped to buy some drinks and a water buffalo was making his way past. My husband decided that he might need a hand getting up the hill.

water buffolo water buffolo

There were coffee beans drying everywhere. Some of them are by the roadside and on tarps drying in the sun.

coffee beans coffee beans

The falls were spectacular. It was a bit of a challenge for us oldies to get up to the main water fall but a bit of water a few slippages and lots of laughter and we all made it. Luckily the chicken made it and didn't get spilled.

waterfalls waterfalls

There was a group of young people who came along after. Of course they got in with no problem.

group getting to waterfalls

After we had eaten our fill and relaxed we left to go back to our friends home. Her parents have this wonderful home and her father is a carpenter and he has made the house. It is so peaceful here.

cooking food


On the way back down the mountain we were a little camera happy. We came upon these ladies returning home after working.

walking ladies

lady returning from work

These children were swimming and trying to catch some fish in a local waterway.

children children swimming

We arrived back in Nha Trang at 6pm. A little sore, tired but very happy. It was a great day! 


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Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa Charity for November at Than Son Pagoda

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We were lucky enough to have some friends visiting from Australia so we decide to take them with us to Thanh Son Pagoda.

Truck Greating at the Pagoda

The Pagoda currently has 57 children and 27 old and homeless people. Mixed in with these people are some children with disabilities. The Pagoda is on the way to the airport and about 45 minutes out of Nha Trang City.

Peter with child

Fiona feeding Steve and Dung with Yogurt

We took nappies for the disabled children and also took lots of food.

Peter and Fiona really enjoyed  meeting the wonderful people. The children are so friendly and happy. It is always interesting to see what the children are learning.

Peter meeting Fiona meeting

We were looking in the Pagoda and children come in and started chanting and using different instruments. It was great.

Dung praying children chanting

Peter and Steve Peter with drum

As always it is a humbling experience when people who have so little are so happy for a bit of your time.

children general

We would like to thank Peter and Fiona and Dung, who is staff at Pure Viet Nam Beauty and Spa, for coming with Steve and I.

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Going for a ride to Ninh Van

A friend of ours had invited us to visit her home town of Ninh Van. This is a ninety minute motorbike ride from Nha Trang up Highway one. You turn in to Vinashin and then go down the coast road.

The view as you go over the mountains to Ninh Van is spectacular.

View of Ninh Van View of Ninh Van

Gates into the city of Ninh Van

The streets are wide and clean. There is a naturally sheltered bay here. The main economy for the town is shallots and fishing.

clean wide streets Safe Harbor

preparing the fishing nets New nets

We went to our friends parents place for lunch. One of the girls climbed a coconut tree to get fresh coconuts for us to drink. We had the best chicken and rice. Her parents grow so many different vegetables. We sat around an old coconut tree that had been cut down and we used it as a table. It was great.

sitting around drinking coconut Cooking Hut

Home sweet home

After lunch we went to a local bay where the water was crystal clear and you could see little snails and shells in the water. Everyone was on hammocks rocking in the breeze just relaxing.

Local Bay Shell in the water

It was a wonderful day. We kept a head of the rain, got a little sunburnt and met some lovely people.


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Going for a ride near Lien Sang

Sunday was such a beautiful day that we couldn't help but go for a ride. We decided to go via some back roads up to Lien Sang. This is about an hour west of Nha Trang on the road to Dalat.

The countryside was beautiful. After all of the recent rains everything was so green. It looked like a giant patchwork quilt in greens.

patchwork of Green on the hills

We stopped for lunch and then a drink beside a beautiful river. It was quite shallow but there were people down further swimming. many people seemed to use this place to stop at.


After lunch we decided to explore around the village of Lien Sang. This is quite a poor village but everyone was so friendly. The children were all saying hello and laughing and smiling.

 Children of Lien Sang Young Boy in Lien Sang

Some of the houses here are really basic but the yards are impeccable. The pigs wander around. I'm unsure how they tell who's who's unless they are communal.

House in Lien Sang House in Lien Sang

Local shop in Lien Sang

We went up in the hills behind the village and found a couple of bridges that the kids were jumping off of and cooling down.

local children Children jumping off bridge

There was a lovely suspension bridge in further and someone has been to a lot of trouble to make a tourist attraction alongside the stream.

suspension bridge

eco tourism

On the way back on the main road we came across some boys delivering fresh Bee's wax.

Fresh Bee's wax

A recycling man.

Recycling Man Recycling Man 2

We had to stop for the cows to move.


When we got closer to Nha Trang we came upon the farmers preparing the fields for the upcoming rice crop.

Preparing the rice fields Preparing the rice fields 2

Preparing the rice fields 3

All up we were out and about for around six hours. It was a great day seeing the real Vietnam reminding us of how beautiful this country is.

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Christmas in Nha Trang, Vietnam - 2015


Christmas is fast approaching. Each year there are many lights put up in the streets of Nha Trang. Some of the displays are beautiful. Some parks in particular are spectacular. Hopefully I will be able to add lots of pictures over the next few weeks.

One of the things about Christmas for me is Christmas dinner. There seems to be a tradition in Nha Trang that has many Christmas Eve dinners but not a lot for Christmas day which is more English. I have done a little research and this is what I have found according to websites or Facebook advertising.

The choices in Nha Trang for the festive season at 5 star hotels are:

Sunrise Hotel


Imperial Restaurant – Seafood buffet

 6:30 pm – 1 598 000 VND /adult (75 USD) 20% discount on tickets purchased before 12-12-15


Gala Dinner 6:15 pm – 1 am – 2 024 000 VND (95USD)/ adult 




Christmas Gala Dinner - 127.05 USD


161.70 USD




 Bellevue Room 1 265 000 VND , Square Restaurant buffet dinner 980 000 VND


 1 610 000 VND Buffett, live music, prizes



Cookbook Café  - 6 course dinner -  1 900 000 VND

Grand Ballroom – Buffet -  1 900 000 VND


Brunch 12-3pm 1 388 000 VND


Cookbook Café – 6 course menu – free beer soft drink and wine – 2 588 000 VND

Grand Ballroom – Buffet, beer, wine, soft drink – 2 588 000 VND


Brunch 12-5 unlimited Bloody Mary 1 388 000 VND


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Sight Seeing Nha Trang, Vietnam - Thap Ba Ponagar


Po Nagar is a Cham temple tower founded sometimes before 781 AD. It is dedicated to Yan Po Nagar, the goddess of the country. These relics are set on a hill which overlooks the Cai River and looks out to the ocean. The breezes and views from the top are fantastic.

View from Thap Ba Ponagar View from Thap Ba Ponagar

There are quite a few steps leading up to the towers but they are wide and it is easy to stop and take a break. The towers are beautifully made of brick and interestingly there is meant to be nothing between the bricks to hold them together.

Ponagar Towers Thap Ba Ponagar

 To enter the towers you must have your shoulders and knees covered and be wearing modest clothing. You can obtain covering from the store near the temples.

I took my mother-in-law for a visit and she thoroughly enjoyed it. We whiled away several hours. The admission cost was quite modest. There are stalls off to the side that you can visit that sell all manner of bracelets, shirts and tourist knick knacks, some are quite nice. At the back of the towers are gardens and many other interesting objects.

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Sight Seeing in Nha Trang, Vietnam - Hon Chong


Hon Chon is a collection of rocks that form a Promontory just off Tran Phu Street. It is over the bridge away from the tourist area in the north. It is only about 7 minutes away from Thap Ba Ponagar so it makes sense to combine these two attractions if you are going to go.

Hon Chong Promontory Hon Chong Fairy Bay

You can climb around on the rocks but once you start getting out to the Promonatory you might get ushered back by the guards as they want you to go to the top of the hill and pay a small fee of 22 000 VND to access the area. You do also get to go through a room with artifacts. The landscape is very beautiful. There are two coffee shops. I know some of my friends with children prefer the bottom coffee shop so their children can access the beach and rocks but I prefer the top one as the views and breeze I think are far superior. It is very easy to sit here and waste an hour or two at a very cheap price.

View from top coffee shop Hon Chong

There are local legends surrounding this area. There is a meant to be a hand print on one of the giant boulders out the front of the Chon promontory. In comparison to other places there is almost no tourists.

About 300m south of Hon Chong (towards Nha Trang) is tiny Hon Do (Red Island), which has a Buddhist temple on top. To the northeast is Hon Rua (Tortoise Island), which really does resemble a tortoise. The two islands of Hon Yen (Bird’s-Nest Island) are off in the distance to the east.

The area here is called Fairy bay. The water is calmer than at Nha Trang Beach. You can sometimes see men using fishing nets around the rocks and on most mornings there are a few fishing boats that pull in and off load their catch and sort it on the beach. Great photo opportunities but around 6 – 8 am depending on the weather and their catch.

Fairy Bay fishermen Fairy Bay Beach

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Sight Seeing in Nha Trang, Vietnam - Long Son Pagoda


Long Son Pagoda was erected on another hill in 1886. In 1900, after a large cyclone, the temple was destroyed and had to be moved to its current location. It has been renovated and expanded since. In 1968, the temple was heavily damaged during the Vietnam War in particular the tiled roof.

On the top of the hill there is a large white concrete Budda which is 24 meters tall and at the base 21 meters wide. Around the statue are statues of seven Arahants. In front of the statue are two dragons, which are 7.20 m long. The statue is visible from quite a distance away even from Highway one and the rail line. There are 150 steps to the top, but around the half way point, take a break with the 14m long sleeping Buddha.

Budda at Long Son Pagoda Nha Trang

The entrance and roves of the buildings are decorated with dragon mosaics which are built from glass and ceramic tiles. The main ceremonial hall is adorned with modern interpretations of classical motifs. The nasal hairs of the dragons are wrapped around the pillars on either side of the main altar. The main statue in 152 stone steps up from the entrance of the pagoda, and is often used as a vantage point to look over the city of Nha Trang.

There are many people here offering to be your tour guide for a fee. They sell you postcards (some really bad quality) for exorbitant prices. To each his own how much you want to donate. It is free to access and walk around. You need to be warned that the buildings close from 11:00am – 2pm. There is an excellent vegetarian restaurant on site. I highly recommend the mushroom hotpot and the deep fried tofu. The prices in the restaurant are very reasonable. There are of course knick knacks that you can buy.

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20 23/10 Street , Nha Trang Opening Hours are from 6:00 am to 11:00 am & 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm


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Sightseeing in Nha Trang, Vietnam - VinPearl


Vinpearl is an island resort just off Nha Trang. The company is operated by a Vietnamese billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong that merged with Vincom in 2007. It is located on old Hòn Tre Island. Access is by either speed boat, ferry or the main access is the world longest overseas cable car. The cable car is an enclosed and air-conditioned car that has magnificent views especially at sunset and on a clear day. The pylons that hold up the cable car are lit up at night and all look like mini Eiffel towers. It is a spectacular sight at night.

VinPearl Cable car during day VinPearl cable car at sunset

The general admission of 600,000VND includes the cable car, Alpine coaster, underwater aquarium, water rides, roller coaster, arcade games in fact everything except food and drink. The aquarium is one of my favorite things. It has impressive sized tanks and a moving walkway that winds its way through a tunnel so you can watch big fish, sharks, turtles and many more sea animals swim around lazily.


I took my seventy eight year old mother in law for the afternoon. She had a blast. The only thing she found a little hard was the stairs. There is a degree of walking involved and it does include stairs. If you pace yourself it isn’t too much. We managed to stop and have a coffee a couple of times when things got too much. The exodus at 5pm meant the there was a bit of a queue for the cable car going home but watching the sun set in Nha Trang bay was worth it. Seeing the lights twinkling in the distance is magical.

VinPearl harbour VinPearl Main entrance

I have been several times with different people and I have to admit that it does seem to have something for everyone. The gardens are well done. It is clean and the music is not blaring. Children are certainly catered for but the adults can be entertained as well.

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 08:00-21:00, Fri-Sun: 08:00-22:00

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LIVIN Collective Market 7-11-15

LIVIN Collective is a coffee shop where you can have lunch and a lot more. It is located at 77 Bach Dang, Nha Trang.They are recently trying to add dinner to their menu.

It is owned by a couple who want it to grow and be different. They have the coffee shop upstairs but downstairs is furniture that he makes. Tables, chairs, display cabinets. They are adding soaps and fragrances some clothes and art as well. Sourcing things that are unique.

They have invited people to get together and showcase their wares in a market. This was held at their premises and there was food, wines, beer, designer helmets, clothes and pictures that you could by.

livin collective market Livin Collective

It was a large collection of things you could see and taste. You could talk to the owners and discuss anything you wanted. A great thing for Nha Trang. Hopefully these will happen more often.

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Halloween 2015 in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Halloween is not normally something that we have celebrated in the past. However last year as well as this year we got a group of friends together and went out.

We were able, through a friend, to get a young man who came and did make up for us. He was fantastic. He took about 15-20mins for each person. He worked from pictures or just did something for people.

make up

We bought hats and masks and some costumes and all went out together. We had a mix of Vietnamese friends and Australian friends. Some new some old.

We went to Patricks Wine Bar. A place that you can eat as well as get many different kind of drinks. Wine included of course. There is live music and with a group of around 12 people we were a little rowdy and got everyone up dancing.

A good night was had by all.

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Some of the people I teach English to

I teach English to a variety of people. I teach a teacher at Chua Loc Tho, the Nurse and some other people out there. Our class can consist of two students or six students.

Unfortunately we have lost some students to work commitments but I am sure we will gain others.

When I turned up to teach English I was told that we weren't doing English in the classroom today they had other plans for me. Back on the motorbike we went and we ended up at the Traditional Nurses house and they cooked for me and we had dinner together. It was wonderful. We had chicken and pork dishes.

dinner chicken and pork

Thank you very much ladies.

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Friends helping me teach English 28-11-15 at Chua Loc Tho, Nha Trang, Vietnam

On Saturday 28th of November a friend of mine and some of her friends accompanied me to Loc Tho to help me teach the children.

I have been trying to teach to of the grades to read. Having some extra people along certainly made it easier as more children got more personal tuition. I use an app on my IPad for the stories. The app I use is called Farfaria and is a wonderful resource.

We always start with new words on the black board. I have two friends who help me and translate to Vietnamese so the children understand what they are reading. I have print outs of the stories in English and Vietnamese for the children.

words on the board

The children read two stories. One story was about a Polar Bear and the other one about a cat and dog. After reading we always play games or do some writing or coloring exercises to reinforce what we have learnt.

classroom teaching english

teaching english grade 3


The children in the older class have a couple of children who are more advanced and I do try to get them to read a more advanced story as well.

older children reading

I have been doing this for about a month now. The children are picking it up amazingly. They seem to have so much fun. Thank you very much Sam for introducing me to your friends Mark and Majella and for all your help. We had a great time. Hien and Tho as always are invaluable in translation.

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