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Conveniently situated in the central tourist area, 500 meters away from the beach Nhat Kieu 2 is a famous billiards club, a nice place for tourists to play billiards and relax with friends and enjoy a cup of coffee or fruit juices at affordable price
Situated in a crowded residential area, about 1 kilometer from the central tourist area Offering a spacious place for customers to have a great time playing billiards with friends
Located in the city center, about 1.5 kilometer North West of the central tourist area, the club is a nice place for tourists who love billiards and want to seek for a place to relax with friends.
Located in a new residential area about 3 kilometers West of the central tourist area, the soccer field is such a nice place for people who love soccer and want to practise it with friends. Prices: 9 USDs per hour